Alberta Acreage Inspection

Do you live in a rural area and need an acreage inspection? Red Seal Inspection Inc offers high quality acreage inspections! We have experience helping clients from all over Central Alberta ensure their acreage is up to code. Acreages inspections are typically more extensive than a  typicall city home inspection and present their own unique challenges.

When you book an acreage inspection with Red Seal Inspection, we will perform a complete property inspection in addition to:

Sewer system

Septic inspections are not typically included in a standard home inspection becuase the training and knowledge of private sewage systems are not requirement to become a certified home inspector. Our inspectors have the licensing, testing, and qualification to perform inspection on your acreages septic systems.

Water Well Testing

Wells are a very common form of water supply to rural homes in Alberta. Groundwater can be found almost everywhere and a water well is an access tap into the aquifer system. Wells can be made from a variety of materials including wood, steel, plastic, or even bricks.

The Red Seal Inspectors will perform water flow testing to determine how much water a well is capable of producing. In addition, we will test the pumping equipment and determine if it needs to be maintained or replaced anytime soon. Lastly, we will perform a water quality test to ensure if the water is potable or not.

Barns/Riding Arenas/Detached Garages

We will also inspect all detached buildings on your property. In Alberta, this commonly is barns, riding arenas, a garage, or work shop. We perform strutural inspections on these and include our findings in our final inspection report.

We offer inspections for all properties in South Central Alberta communities from Okotoks to Red Deer.